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Evidence Matters

At Oxford Systematic Reviews LLP (OXSREV) we believe that robust evidence drives change. We offer data-driven solutions that enable our clients to add value to their businesses through robust evidence-based decision making. 


Our Work


OXSREV provides a range of services that gives organisations a firm basis on which to implement meaningful environmental, social and economic changes by using systematic reviews and other systematic evidence evaluations for evidence-informed policy and practice. We have expertise in environmental, health and resource-use, but can work in any sector where evidence synthesis can drive change.

What is Systematic Evidence Evaluation?

Systematic evidence evaluation is a rigorous and transparent methodology to assess the impacts of human activity and the effectiveness of policy and management interventions. The rigour and transparency applied at each stage of the process differentiate them apart from the majority of traditional reviews. We work with clients at each stage of the process, applying best practice methods.

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The Team


OXSREV is a firm of advisors specialised in working with systematic evidence evaluations.

The company was formed in 2020 by Gillian Petrokofsky,

William J. Harvey and Leo Petrokofsky who have worked together on a wide
variety of systematic maps and run international training workshops on
evidence evaluation techniques.

The name OXSREV comes from our interest in systematic review
methods and the University of Oxford where we first collaborated.


Oxford Systematic Reviews LLP

Unit 132, 266 Banbury Road




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