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Systematic Reviews

Systematic reviews are reports that assess the best available research on a question by synthesizing the results
of all the relevant studies according to carefully defined criteria.
OXSREV works with clients to prepare systematic reviews.


Training Workshops

OXSREV run training events that take participants from no understanding of a systematic review to a basic systematic evaluation of a topic of their interest.


Systematic Mapping

Systematic maps are reports that include visual presentations of the availability of relevant research to policy or practise questions. OXSREV works with clients to compile systematic maps.


Online Surveys

Online surveys provide information collected from target populations of participants and present aggregated
data that can be analysed to gain insights and feedback about current or future policy and practice changes,
new products or services, or other questions considered important by organisations.
OXSREV prepares and runs surveys for clients.


Protocols & Project Plans

Protocols for reviews and projects plans are independent documents that describe the methods to be followed
during the conduct of the review or the project.
OXSREV works with clients to prepare Protocols for projects and reviews.

Our Work

We currently offer five main products useful for government and non-government policymakers, businesses, and the academic community:

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