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As the Founding and Managing Partner of OXSREV, William has spearheaded the development of innovative methodologies for systematic reviews in the fields of ecology, archaeology, forestry, agrology, gender, health/poverty, and supply chain economics. By enabling organizations to extract valuable insights through the analysis of complex datasets using sophisticated statistical approaches, William has generated actionable recommendations for national and international clients across diverse sectors.
Driven by his entrepreneurial mindset and strategic acumen, William has positioned OXSREV as a trusted partner for public, private, and governmental organizations seeking transformative solutions. He ensures that clients receive customized, impactful strategies that drive sustainable growth. William excels in integrating cutting-edge technologies to develop data platforms and web-based solutions that streamline operations and maximize efficiency for clients.
William is an Associate Researcher at the University of Oxford in the School of Archaeology and Department of Biology.

Dr. William J. Harvey

Founding and Managing Partner

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