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Systematic Evidence Evaluation Training Module

This online course introduces participants to systematic evidence evaluation as a powerful tool to synthesise knowledge in environmental science; however, this methodology may be applied to any field of research or policy.

This knowledge is commonly used to summarise the knowns and unknowns of a subject and employed to improve decision-making in policy and to direct research.

The course draws on best practice guidance and existing systematic reviews and systematic maps to take students through the process of starting a systematic evidence evaluation.

Participants will learn how to apply some of the elements used in a systematic review to make their own work (not just future systematic reviews) more robust and reliable. 

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a picture of previous course participants

An important feature of the course is that it will proceed in an open, collaborative environment with shared learning and peer-to-peer support. Active participation helps build confidence in applying the techniques of systematic review and simulates the work of a real systematic review team in action.

The course comprises plenary sessions for the whole group and breakout sessions for smaller group work. Participants will receive access to all materials presented during the course and a certificate recognising their participation.

Course Content

Seminar 1: An Introduction to Systematic Evidence Evaluation

Seminar 2: Starting a Systematic Evidence Evaluation

Seminar 3: Searching for Literature

Seminar 4: Screening & Data Extraction

Seminar 5: Presenting a Systematic Evidence Evaluation with Impact

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