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Advanced Evidence Searching

This online course introduces participants to advanced techniques for evidence searching and reference management using bibliographic databases and open-source reference management tools. It is an important component of systematic evidence evaluation but can be used in other work requiring a thorough search of published scientific papers and other relevant articles.

​The course draws on best practice guidance for literature searching  and reference management in systematic evidence and introduces students to bibliographic databases and reference management tools, with a particular focus on Open Access tools.  


Participants will learn how to apply some of the evidence searching elements used in a systematic evidence evaluation to make their own work (not just future systematic evidence evaluations) more robust and reliable.

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An important feature of the course is that it will proceed in an open, collaborative environment with shared learning and peer-to-peer support. Active participation helps build confidence in applying the techniques of systematic evidence evaluation review and simulates the work of a real systematic review team in action.

The course comprises plenary sessions for the whole group and breakout sessions for smaller group work. Participants will receive access to all materials presented during the course and a certificate recognising their participation.

Course Content

Seminar 1: Overview of Bibliographic Databases

Seminar 2: Devising a Robust Search

Seminar 3: Testing & Optimising a Search String

Seminar 4: Searching for Grey Literature

Seminar 5: Effectively Managing References Using Open-Access Tools

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