Sweden: BFRA Collaboration Networks

Below, are five chord diagrams. They all show international BFRA collaboration networks of the 'top 5' institutes in Sweden, as defined by the most number of publications in the Sweden corpus. Each diagram was produced from the corresponding institute corpus as downloaded from the WoS dynamic database on 05/02/2021. To be included in the dataset an article has: a) at least 1 author address from the institute of interest, and b) at least 1 author address from a different BFRA country. The diagrams all display a Sweden top institute and the other BFRA countries. 

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

This diagram comprises 850 publications. Which is 23% of the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences corpus of 3714 publications.

Lund University

This diagram comprises 256 publications. Which is 20% of the Lund University corpus of 1274 publications.

Umea University

This diagram consists of 233 publications. Which is 21.16% of the Umea University corpus of 1101 publications.

Stockholm University

This diagram comprises 251 publications. Which is 29% of the Stockholm University corpus of 869 publications.

This diagram comprises 85 publications. Which is 11% of the Royal Institute of Technology corpus of 796 publications.

Royal Insitute of Technology


Finland Institute Chords

Sweden Institute Chords