Finland: BFRA Collaboration Networks

Below, are five chord diagrams. They all show international BFRA collaboration networks of the 'top 5' institutes in Finland, as defined by the most number of publications in the Finland corpus. Each diagram was produced from the corresponding institute corpus as downloaded from the WoS dynamic database on 05/02/2021. To be included in the dataset an article has: a) at least 1 author address from the institute of interest, and b) at least 1 author address from a different BFRA country. The diagrams all display a Finland top institute and the other BFRA countries. 

University of Helsinki

This diagram comprises 654 publications. This is 22% of the University of Helsinki corpus of 2973 publications.


This diagram comprises 360 publications. This is 19% of the LUKE corpus of 1862 publications.

University of Eastern Finland

This diagram comprises 245 publications. This is 17% of the University of Eastern Finland corpus of 1453 publications.

Aalto University


AUT - Austria

CAN - Canada

CHE - Switzerland

CHN - China

DEU - Germany

DNK - Denmark

ESP - Spain

EST - Estonia

FRA - France

ITA - Italy

NOR - Norway


SWE - Sweden

UK - United Kingdom

USA - United States of America

This diagram comprises 105 publications. This is 11% of the Aalto University corpus of 979 publications.

University of Oulu

This diagram comprises 102 publications. This is 17% of the University of Oulu corpus of 607 publications.


Finland Institute Chords

Sweden Institute Chords